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Submerging into Downtown SMTX

The Square in San Marcos is located just a few blocks from Texas State University.

The Square

It is known for it's many different nightlife options including bars, clubs and restaurants. There are over a dozen bars around the historical square.


Using data provided by BarMart, I analyzed the sales revenue from venues with a TABC license on The Square from September 2015 to September 2016.

Texas State

The square is especially popular with students of Texas State University mainly because of it's proximity and nightlife.

Chart By Month

According to TABC data recorded by BarMart, a company based out of Fort Worth, Texas, here are the sales revenue from the sale of beer, wine, or liquor for bars that have a mixed drink license in downtown San Marcos. Choose a month below to see how much each bar made from alcohol sales from September 2015 to September 2016.

Hover over the bars to see the name of the venue. Please note that 'Crafthouse' did not open until April of 2016. 'The Hive' opened in July of 2016 and was previously known as 'The Vault'.

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Bar Popularity.

From analyzing the data by month, it became evident that Zelicks, The Marc, Taproom and Chimys are four of the most popular bars in downtown San Marcos. However, there seems to be a place for everyone on The Square.

This year, Stonewall Warehouse celebrated it's second year anniversary. This is the first LGBT bar in town, and it is gaining popularity by becoming a hub for the LGBT community in between Austin and San Antonio.

  • Zelicks

    The building started off as a gas station in the 1930's and has evolved into one of the most popular bars in San Marcos.

  • The Marc

    This venue is known for the many shows, the big dance floor and the upper balcony that serves as the VIP section!

  • Taproom

    Taproom has some of the best burgers in town, as well as some of the best drinks.

  • Chimy's

    Chimy's is popular for it's tacos and margaritas!

Safety on The Square

Using Precautions


When going out, it is important to use precautions to avoid date rape drugs: Try to order your own drinks, cover your glass, try not to share your drink and be aware of unusual behaviors.

Safety in Minority Groups

In October, a drag performer was attacked for wearing heels while leaving Stonewall Warehouse. Since, Stonewall General Manager Chris Rue and Stonewall Riot Girls Drag Mother Chitah Daniels Kennedy started holding meetings the first Sunday of each month to discuss safety in the minority communities.

Chris Rue said "There's so many incredible people working in this community doing such important work around the community, a lot of times, there's not as much communication and there might be some underlap, or overlap. So we just wanted to make sure that the first Sunday of every month we have a potluck. We break bread together. We sit at the same table. We look at each other and listen to each other's problems and figure out how we can help each other."

Safety tips were discussed at the first "Call-to-Action" meeting such as: using the buddy system when leaving the bar, avoiding dark alleys, and keeping your cell phone out and available to use. Always keep your cell phone out and available

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